Hello, and welcome to In The Rose Garden. 

This is where I will be attempting to post a record of the Sims 4 Decades Challenge. This is a variant of the Sims 4 Legacy Challenge that takes each generation through a different era, starting with the 1890’s.

My intention is to post this as an ongoing story, but I am still new to writing Legacy Stories so I am unsure of how this will go. Hopefully it won’t end up too boring!
Originally this story started off on Tumblr and I’ve decided to keep the same writing style and format from that prior location. I also began this story without pre-planning how I wanted things to go, so in the beginning before the Legacy fully kicks off things are a bit scattered; I am sorry for that.

As for the historical accuracy of this challenge and story – I am no history major, so I cannot guarantee my writing will be completely accurate to the decade. I’ve been doing my research as I go, so this is a learning experience!


Content Warning: While I make it a point not to write or show anything too graphic, I feel it’s important to note that some screenshots and content may display nudity or suggestive themes. I will post a warning at the beginning of any chapter should it contain something NSFW (even borderline SFW).